A River Runs Through It

Imagine that you are standing beside a river full of rapids. Somewhere on the surface of the river, pick a point to use as a starting point. Let's assign your starting point a colour in the following way. Drop a leaf at that point and watch its path as it is carried by the river's currents. If the path is very smooth and predicable then we'll assign the colour black to your starting point. If the path of the leaf is very chaotic and unpredictable, we'll assign the colour white. We'll use all the shades of grey to assign colours to the range of behaviours between smooth and chaotic. Now continue to drop leaves at every point on the river and put the right colour at each starting point. At the end, you have created a colour map of the river that tells you about the future behaviour of a leaf dropped at each point.

My artwork is generated in a similar way except that the rivers are abstract mathematical systems and the behaviour of the river is measured by mathematical quantities like the Hausdorff Dimension.

You can learn a bit more about the creation of my arwork using mathematics by reading Curator's Notes.

(This section is under construction and will soon be expanded.)